A collection of video responses of the event as well as responses to the dismantling of the Beacon of Hope can be found on this page.

Neighbor Otis talking about the Beacon of Hope and his wish for Artefacting to come back and do a similar project:

Detroit resident Tim talking about the peace flags:

Detroit resident Pria talking about the hands that build and vandalized the house and her take on Artefacting adding flags of hope:

Detroit residence Samuel on how Artefacting has changed his perspective of Detroit:

Also, the Detroit news did an article on Artefacting’s community event which was picked up by the Associated Press and appeared in articles across the country from Alaska to Washington DC and New York’s New York Observer and the Wall Street Journal. The news was also picked up by ABC7 who did an short story too (link). Artefacting immediately contacted ABC7 after they broadcasted the story but to date they have not gotten back to us.