Artefacting invites brazilian artist Daniel Eizirik into an active research initiative, that uses drawing, painting and multimedia as mediums to manifest and articulate values, sensibilities and the sustainable ways of multi-generational farmers and mezcal producers in Oaxaca Mexico. Our artistic output will be generated through socio-cultural participatory methodologies where dialogue will dictate process.


Today, Oaxaca is experiencing a boom in Mezcal (artesanal agave distilled spirit). An influx of global capital and demand is challenging traditional farming methods and traditional culture but also bringing capital into historically resource-stricken villages. This moment presents a risk, but also an opportunity to support sustainable practices of ecological consciousness, respect & bio-diversities. Scaling up practices of agave planting and management are becoming increasingly necessary to sustaining wild species of agave, and it is happening. Many “campesinos” (farmers) are planning for the future by embracing the rigors of non-industrial traditional practice at scale; collecting seed, germinating, and caring for wild species before transplanting them into the wild. It is planning with respect for the natural life cycle of the agave without trying to accelerate their growth with fertilizers or steroids.


Visual dialogue with the culture of agave and Mezcal can support and pay tribute to the local practice of farmers in different pueblos, and exemplify how deep of a connection we can make to nature and a plant. Our aim is to learn from farmers, and pay respect to their practice and the agave plant by visualizing local fields of knowledge and practice. Research will occur through local print, photography, narrative, animation, mural, ceremony, labor and dialogue. Techniques of low environmental impact with natural materials will be combined with local ways of life. Our team will work with farmers and families in the Tlacalula and Miahuatlan regions always allowing dialogue to dictate process.


This project will result in a draft book, that incorporates the research and narrative of different mediums; painting, social sculpture, land art, drawing and narrative. The research and narrative will also exist as web based research and documentations on the Artefacting web platform.