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Reconstitución: Una Nueva Patria (current)
Patria Nueva, Oaxaca, Mexico | 2014 | Partners: Centro de Diseño Oaxaca
Esta iniciativa se marca el principio de una nueva forma de como interelacionar los vecinos para reconstituir la esencia de comvive en Patria Nueva - Colonia Urbana de Oaxaca. This initiative introduces a process to construct and generate new forms and activities through which neighbors can inter-relate in order to reconstitute the essence of comunal living in Patria Nueva - an Urban periphery neighborhood of Oaxaca.
Connect: Communication Towers (ongoing)
Lillestrom Norway, Kohima India, TBD | 2013-214 | Partners: Akershus Kunstsenter, The Heritage
CONNECT is a relational art project that aims to reconstitute functions of a local community through the creation of democratic and welcoming spaces for dialogue.
Citizens vs. Work (current)
Queens NYC, Cologne Germany | 2013, 2014 | Partners: Queens International 2013, CAT Cologne, I Am Labor
Citizens vs. Work is a participatory public engagement project that searches for hidden truths within contemporary human society through the mediums of theater and art performance. A two-week program of theatre and public space events will serve to produce a platform for public dissemination, contemplation and to address self defining and shaping forces of labor and work.
Comunicación Directo: Arte Util Residency
Corona, Queens | 2013 | Partners: Immigrant Movement, Queens Museum
During this arts residency, an initiative is underway to create basic systems for internal and external communication amongst center users and the larger community. These systems are intended to benefit this educational/cultural/social center through making it possible to share ideas, resources, and capacities, and to visualize projects and tracking their materialization.
Reconciling Ecologies in the Millennium City (active)
Gurgaon, Delhi, India | 2013 | Partners: Khoj International Artists Association, Indus American Bank
Reconciling Ecologies in the Millenium City is a collective project that is working with the village-cum-urban community of Tigra Village. It is being developed as part of Khoj’s Negotiating Routes: Ecologies of the Byways-Part IV project
Long Island City, Queens NYC, USA | 2012 | Partners: No Longer Empty, New York Blood Center
Members of the NYC Hunters Point community came together with project leaders Alex White Mazzarella and Iandry Randriamondroso to create public art and use it as a blood drive campaign compelling 28 people to give blood. Bloodbank is also an online video registry for video interviews on lifeblood and a storefront art incubator space developed as a part of No Longer Empty’s art exhibition.
Global Village 2012: Kohima
Kohima, Nagaland India | 2012 | Local partner: The Heritage
A collaboration between artists, youth and activists produced a range of heritage connected modern performances, photography and art installations that came together to transform a dilapidated trash-filled green space into a social and cultural space for the youth and public.
Global Village 2012: Guwahati
Guwahati, Assam India | 2012 | Local partners: Canvas Scope, Guwahati Artists Guild, Guwahati College of Architecture
The white beach by the mighty Brahmaputra was transformed into an open space art gallery where performances and art installations presented local cultures and perspectives on the effects of rapid urbanization on culture and ecology.
El Estadio - Willets Point (active)
Queens NYC, USA | 2011 | Local partner: Queens Museum of Art
In an auto junkyard, a vacant lot was cleaned and transformed into a soccer stadium to host a tournament of 24 teams representing local auto shops as part of a festival. After the tournament locals installed goals and painted lines and introduced gardens, boardgames and furniture as a self-defined civic center.
Artefacting Detroit (active)
Detroit, USA | 2011 | Local partner: Heidelberg Project

In Detroit’s east side, diverse community members came together to create positive messages on peace flags set to fly above an abandoned home temporarily transforming it into an act of unity and hope.
Lillestrom, Norway | 2011 | Commissioned by: Akershus Kunstsenter & Skedsmo Municipality

Lillestrom youth participated in transforming consumer waste into bright green sculptures and a Dreamcatcher that were consequently placed in public spaces to ignite the public’s curiosity and imagination.
A House Full of Ideas
Rome, Italy | 2011 | Local partners: Casa di Cartone & Shoot 4 Change

A group of residents from a homeless shelter came together to share visions of what it means to be home before creating a home installation out of waste collected on the surrounding streets
Artefacting Mumbai
Dharavi, Mumbai, India | 2010 - 2011 Local partner: Acorn Foundation |

A three month collaborative between locals and international artists culminated with the 13th Compound multi-media exhibition; a one-day event that drew approximately 500 visitors into a place known notoriously as “Asia’s largest slum”, to experience its humanity and learn about its dynamic recycling industry.