Northeast India | 2012, spring
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Global Village 2012
Led by Alex White Mazzarella, Arne de Knegt and Parasher Baruah, Artefacting’s Global Village 2012 is a three-month operation (March-May) to be based out of Guwahati in Assam and Kohima in Nagaland, India. Here a diverse collaborative of local artists from Nagaland, Assam and the other Sister States will mix with artists from Europe, America and Asia branching out into ethnic villages and tribes throughout the region.

Artefacting will take new generation resident artists-young dancers, folk musicians, filmmakers and artists-back to their roots to document and reconnect to their villages. Elders will be interviewed, songs and dances archived and mythology reconstructed through film and photography. Totems and tribal art will inspire and give birth to contemporary translation; paintings, sculptures and public art inspired by Naga heritage and stories. In real time the experience of this intercultural creation will bridge divides through discourse, camaraderie and public participation. And together as a dynamic story, the Artefacts of the Global Village will provide viewers access to a compelling and cultural archive that aims at reconnecting viewers to the magic of the Naga’s human ecology.

At a time when the Northeast of India is experiencing rapid urbanization with wide scale ecological and cultural repercussions, Artefacting presents a unique approach to learning and engaging issues on-hand. A growing city-fication is bringing pervasive Western lifestyles and cultures to this pristine corner of India; forces that are challenging the very essence of the indigenous Naga people. Age-old traditions are being endangered and they are resisting losing their identity. But increased migration to the city is seeing the next generation further distant from their roots. This generation faces a growing challenge to identify their heritage and carry forth their society in a changing cultural landscape.