In November of 2010, Artefacting Mumbai, a collaborative of international artists and urbanists, immersed themselves in Dharavi, known widely as Asia’s largest slum, for three months giving art classes to at risk children and engaging the recycling community and culture at large. Using art and documentation, the project aimed to counter damaging and marginalizing stigmas directed towards Dharavi by raising awareness and catalyzing events to further integrate Dharavi into Mumbai. On January 29th with the help of the local community, the press and media, we launched the 13th Compound Art Exhibition. Projected video, site specific art installations, sculptures, photography and public art lured more than 500 outsiders into Dharavi for what was at once an immersion, exploration, intervention, and celebration.

Exhibitions and film screenings followed at the Queens Museum of Art (NYC), Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center (Boston), and Mercy Corp Action Center (Portland).

Click play below for a short teaser of the exhibition in Dharavi