Sadly, demolition of Dharavi has started! A large section of the neigborhood the Artefacting Mumbai team was working in this past winter has been demolished over the past few days under the excuse of access to the water pipe for maintenance purposes. More demolishments have been announced to the residents of the 13th compound.

The demolition includes the office of our local Dharavi partner Acorn Foundation as well as the homes of many Acorn members.

Photos of the Acorn shed being disassembled by the Acorn members to avoid the materials to be entirely wasted once the bulldozers demolish the office:

Miscellaneous images of the demolitions of the Sananullah compound, the neighborhood inside Dharavi where the Artefacting Mumbai team focussed all it’s attention on :

Map of the proposed and already undertaken demolitions:

(All photos and videos by Artefacting partner Parasher Baruah)