On May 19 and 20 the white sands of the Brahmaputra Riverbank were transformed into “Culture in Transition”; a public art event. The exhibition unfolded Assamese artists, photographers, architect students, journalist students, musicians and other local’s interpretations of what “Modern society” means to each of us.

All of the works provided glimpses into how modernization is having an effect on the Northeast and it’s people. Paintings, photos, writings, art installations, music and videos exposed viewers to an array of mediums; elements of the ‘culture in transition” experience and the unfolding story on how modern influences are changing the way we look at our own traditional culture and traditions - and how modern lifestyles and influences are shifting and shaping Assamese culture into its contemporary form.

Click play below to view Majuli Mythology, a short film by Parasher Baruah which brings awareness and gives new form to a slipping Assamese tradition; mask making and their stories

Click here for info on the Global Village 2012 project

Click links below for short videos

Video-Culture in Transition; Majuli Mythology, by Parasher Baruah

Video-Culture in Transition; Majuli Potters, by Parasher Baruah

Video-the making of the Akash Banti installation

Video-Red Tree, a sculpture installation by Annalisa Iadicicco and Alak Pathak

Local Artefacting team

Gautam Sharma (architect)

Sanjib Sabhapandit (local advisor)

Tanmoy Thakur (local coordinator)

Dilip Tamuly (artistic advisor)

Arpan Kalita (communications/design)

Aiyushman Datta (freelance journalist)

Janardhan Iyver (Cinematographer)

Participating local artists

Ranjan Engticode (artist & event organizer)

The Yellow Cab (artist collective)

Anga Studio (artist collective)

Alak Pathak (Sculpture - Environment Artist)

Krishna Kanta (Maskmaker, Samaguri Satra, Majuli)

Event installation: “Akash Banti” & “Scroll”

Neida Khurshid (College of Architecture)

Aroma Kabra (College of Architecture)

Bipasha Deka (College of Architecture)

Bidisha Bhattacharya (College of Architecture)

Neelim Mahanta (College of Architecture)

Varsha Kothari (College of Architecture)

Tenzing Sherpa (College of Architecture)

Event installation: “Majuli Map” & performance

Sauvik Das Gupta (College of Architecture)

Amrita Das (College of Architecture)

Naina Harlalka (College of Architecture)

Hirok Hatibaruah (College of Architecture)

Event installation: “Red Tree”

Annalisa Iadicicco (Artefacting)

Alak Pathak (Sculpture - Environment Artist)

Event installation: “Synthetic Identity Uploader”

Dilip Tamuly

Event installation: “Moving With The Flow”

Alak Pathak (Sculpture - Environment Artist)

Public interactions group ‘In Search’

Chandan Kumar Deka (Event Manager)

Imran Hazarika (Financial Analyst)

Shashanka Das (Film Maker)

Harry Saikia (Fashion Designer)

Wasim Khan (Mind Power Expert)

Public Interactions group ‘Unrevealed Insights’

Ojas Sharma (College of Architecture)

Meenakshi Sinha (College of Architecture)

Priasha Mahanta (College of Architecture)

Pynskhem Susngi (College of Architecture)

Live music performance

Pragun Bali (RED letter DAY, Guwahati)

Daniel Engty (frontman of Assamese band Jambili)

Meenakshi Sinha (Singer/Composer/Songwriter, Guwahati)

Kakali Pathak (Satriya dancer, Indian classical), Nilanjan Pathak(classical/folk musician ), Biju jyoti Pathak (classical/folk musician) and Uddipta Pathak (folk musician)

Live art performance

Rabin Bar

Guernica (Theatre group)

Video Projections

A duet with the river God (125mins)

My Mon’s Kitchen garden (by Meenakshi Sinha)

45 Riots (NYC, USA)

Majuli Masks (by Borogor productions)

Installations group

Sujata Hazarika (College of Architecture)

Tanya Agarwal (College of Architecture)

Bhawana Sarma (College of Architecture)

Sujit Deka (College of Architecture)

Jayashree Dev (College of Architecture)

Local Partners

Canvascope, Guwahati (logistics)

Enajori.com, Guwahati (web partner)

Northeast Image Managers, Delhi (PR)

Gov’t College of Art & Crafts, Guwahati

Guwahati College of Architecture, Guwahati

Gauhati Artists Guild, Guwahati

NDTV IndiaCan Broadcast Journalism Institute