Art Class!

In a previous blog entry I asked the rhetorical question “Is art an appropriate medium to connect in the context of a fight for survival?” Now that Alex is spearheading a weekly art class for 15-20 kids in Dharavi and we have a nice list of community art projects to implement, it is time to start addressing this question and find out what it is that we can offer this community in our short time here.

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Project: Workshop

UPDATED - Thoughts, photos, and video from our first major task of setting up the production workshop in Dharavi.

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Mumbai Mirror Article

Press: The Mumbai Mirror published a piece on Artefacting Mumbai this weekend called Lessons From Dharavi.

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What is this place, Dharavi?

Having explored Dharavi and met the community within which we will work & produce art, a few questions immediately come to mind.

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Diwali Ambiance

A couple of short videos from our first night in Mumbai.

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First Impressions

The journey to Mumbai and initial thoughts based on a wonderful introduction to a short but intense stay in this mega-city.

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Blast Off!

Last day in NYC - about to do some interviews to sum up our pre-production phase and are very excited to begin the first real leg of this journey. More coming soon from Mumbai!