DREAMCATCHER!; Artefacting Lillestrøm & the Norwegian super nature

DREAMCATCHER! Artefacting Lillestom is happening this June in Oslo, Norway!

Alas we launch the sculptures and installation into Lillestrom’s public space. Frantically we hauled the pieces…

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Artefacting Rome

Read more about our Workshop with the Casa di Cartone in Rome, Italy

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Artefacting in Kolkata

Artefacting’s workshop in Calcutta; Film & the Moving Image

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Artefacting Mumbai Workshops

Artefacting Mumbai workshops

Plastic chips, cardboard, magazines, plastic bottles and red wax were amongst the readily available materials that were turned into artwork. After setting up an art workshop in the ACORN Foundation’s community workshop, weekly art classes were held with the Dharavi Project children where different projects and techniques were introduced to the community. The children learn to make collage, to paint, some helped create a mural. In another workshop flower sculptures were created out of plastic and planted along the street (but they didn’t last long!) Even a performance art version of Anish Kapoor’s famed “Shooting Into the Corner” artwork had children pelting a white corrugated wall with red wax. Digital photography was also introduced to the children through basic courses led by the teams photographer. All of these workshops occurred over our team’s three month immersion into Dharavi’s recycling community.
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