Locals form Artefacting Guwahati

Artefacting presentations to university students studying Architecture & Design have led to the organizing of a local Global Village2012 initiative. Three to five teams will start their work immediately here in Guwahati. Using the power of collaboration, creativity and open community engagement they will take on pressing issues; increased flooding of the Brahmaputra River… the loss of culture and tradition to urbanization.

Six-week projects will be guided by the Artefacting team of Alex, Arne & Parasher. Their launch will happen in mid-may and through a concerted effort raise awareness, catalyze public interest and even stimulate change. These students are of the generation that will be inheriting the pressing issues Guwahati and the Northeast now faces. Their passion, their service, their ingenuity are shards of what will lead the way to a brighter future!

Check out the project page here! http://www.artefacting.com/guwahati/