The WWII Tank site, a green space filled with waste, was reclaimed as a cultural and social space through the one day festival “Culture in Transition”. The festival engaged the public in a range of installations and performances on how tradition and modernity can be fused and brought to life to help Naga identity evolve in a way that is both meaningful and relative to today’s needs.

Concern is present as Nagaland’s rapid urbanization and westernization is resulting in a loss of heritage central to Naga’s sense of identity. Artefacting’s two month Kohima project rethought and reclaimed heritage through the creation of contemporary art and media that evolved tradition into modern forms and life. Working with youth collaborators and local artists at “the Heritage” contemporary Naga wind chimes brought this idea to life, as did a fashion show that paired a traditional indigenous celebratory performance side by side with a modern day fashion show. Photography workshops explored and presented modern-day Kohima and forums in public spaces generated free thought and discussion to allow for articulation of today’s cultural challenges.

Click play below for a short video on the creation of contemporary Naga Windchimes, the Festival and the Global Village process