The Global Village magazine was a non-profit, crowdsourced magazine created by Artefacting’s Global Village Project, based in Northeast India, in collaboration with local partners in Nagaland and Assam. Artefacting’s resident journalist and editor, Christine Mehta, headed the project.

Global Village magazine is about cultures in transition in our modern world. The Northeast is experiencing the effects of globalization at one of the fastest rates in India (Times of India). Assam faces ecological degradation as the banks of the Brahmaputra flood as a result of coastal development. Nagaland is on the brink of major infrastructural and economic development, but at the risk of changing traditional, rural ways of life. Urban life in Nagaland already strongly reflects global influences, which have become entrenched in what it means to be Naga in the 21st century. These two states represent the questions and struggles that face the entirety of the Northeast, and indeed many places all over the world.

This magazine served as a platform to express what the “Global Village” means and how we’re all connected through these challenges not just in the Northeast, but worldwide.

The Magazine, issued as part of the Morung Express newspaper as an insert, has led to a continuous monthly crowd-sourced Newspaper program. The magazine can be read online GO TO MAGAZINE BY CLICKING HERE