Artefacting in Calcutta; Film & the Moving Image

[TEAM] Alex White Mazzarella, Iosu Lopéz
[LOCAL PARTNERS] Bhavan, Fundacion Ananta
[DATES] MAR 2011

In March of 2011, a two day workshop at the Anand Bhavan orphanage in Calcutta was an educational and humorous experience for approximately 30 girls. The workshop stated off through a video presentation of film, where Iosu Lopez took the girls through a storied history of film…from silent film, to color, to animation. And after this presentation the girls moved in to learn through fun and activity; they filled paper cards with designs that altered slightly to come together as animated flipbooks that was really about understanding how a film is composed of hundreds f individual images. Blossoming flowers, moving night skies, and sunsets were created. Then the girls acted in their own theatrical performances before viewing themselves on the big screen! Together we popped fresh popcorn in the kitchen and together enjoyed a full motion film projected in the school room! Special thanks to Maria de Muns and Antonio of the Fundacion Ananta for organizing this.

The two day film workshop was a huge success! The history of cinema, thetre, movie making, flipbook movies and popcorn!

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